The Smart TV Digest

The Smart TV Digest – W/C 20th May

In this week’s digest: Microsoft announces the Xbox One. France Télévision launches a new connected TV strategy adding second-screen services, while Exterity paves the way forward by customizing IPTVs for corporate use. New research shows 72% of people engage in TV-related social media activity. More stats from YouGov highlight the need for Smart TV manufacturers to educate consumers on available services.

Is Xbox One the Smart TV we’ve all been waiting for [The Week]

FTV adds second screen augmented reality for connected viewers [Rapid TV News]

Exterity customizes IPTV for corporate use [Broadband TV News]

Smart TVs not being used to full potential [Advanced Television]

Viacom reveals audience’s social media habits [Digital TV Europe]

Opera launches AdMarvel for Connected TVs [Broadband TV News]

Smart TV Is Just around the Living Room corner [Ad Age]

Thirst for video powers connected device uptake [Rapid TV News]

How set top boxes like Roku and Apple TV have changed TV forever [Digital Trends]

Netflix business model assessed [Broadband TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 13th May

In this week’s digest: Good news – Smart TV penetration is rising globally with numbers increasing in the US, Russia and South Korea. Park Associates has released new research showing that Smart TV connection in the US is growing with two-thirds of connected TV owners making full use of the technology. In other news, Netflix will provide users with Disney content after signing deal and BBM Smart TV app is the horizon.

Two-thirds of connected TV owners connecting [Rapid TV News]

Russia’s IPTV penetration to double by 2017 [IP&TV News]

Korea passes 7mn IPTV subs [IP&TV News]

BBM Smart TV app could follow iOS and Android rollout [Trusted Reviews]

Netflix signs UK Disney deal [Advanced Television]

Report: Nearly 80% of Smart-TV owners are regular TV app users [App Market]

The couch potato is about to get a workout [Financial Post]

63% of smart owners have it connected [Advanced Television]

Smart TV shopping set to boom [Broadband TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 6th May

In this week’s digest: Forbes declares the traditional world of television dead with Smart TV the way forward. In the US, 56% of all US broadband households have at least one connected TV, but analysts claim that under 50% of users are taking advantage of their full capabilities. On the horizon, Automatic Content Recognition is the way forward, broadening the experience between service providers and viewers.

Television Ends, Connected TV Begins at New Fronts 2013 [Forbes]

Connected TVs in 56% of US Broadband Houses [Advanced Television]

Analysts: Less than half of consumers take advantage of connected TV capabilities [Fierce IPTV]

VoD consumer satisfaction driven by content availability [Advanced Television]

Smart TV makers push for Automatic Content Recognition [VR Zone Technology Beat]

Marks & Spencer connected TV app – what can others learn? [The Guardian]

US viewers now rate VOD above DVR, says survey [Digital TV Europe]

Hulu surpasses 4 million subs, lots of work to catch Netflix [Biz Journals]

YouTube readies subscription service [Smart TV Radar]

Sky leads catch-up, Netflix leads VoD [Advanced Television]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 29th April

In this week’s digest: Netflix believes the future of TV lies with apps, expecting internet TV to replace linear television entirely. The European Commission has proposed new regulations for Smart TVs following the growth of on-demand internet-based content, and the BBC will be piloting more shows on iPlayer. In other news, The Guardian looks to the future of Smart TV investigating the challenge on-demand content represents for broadcasters.

Netflix CEO says future of TV is in apps [Washington Post]

European Commission proposes co-regulatory solutions for connected TV [Lexology]

BBC3 piloting more shows via iPlayer [Smart TV Radar]

Exploring the connected future of TV and the challenge to broadcasters [The Guardian]

Your next smart TV will be bendy, for some reason [The Sociable]

Freesat ‘fastest growing platform’ [Digital TV Europe]

Families may opt for double TV vision, says Dubai report [The National]

Broadcasters provide services below cost prices to attract more subscribers [Vietnam Bridge]

Mobile video viewing jumps 215% in Germany [Digital TV Europe]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 22nd April

In this week’s digest: more consumers are buying Smart TVs, with on-demand streaming services acting as the main driver. Twitter has signed a major deal with SMG to bridge the gap between advertising and TV, and UK demand for pay-TV services has increased. In other news, a recent report by NPD suggests the iTunes store accounts for 65% of online movie sales in the US.

More buyers look for Smart TVs [Hollywood Reporter]

Twitter bags huge ad deal with SMG [IPTV News]

UK demand for pay-TV increases [Broadband TV News]

iTunes dominates online video, says NPD [Digital TV Europe]

Fully connected: smartphones, tablets and Connected TV makes three [Huffington Post]

Connected or Companion TV: which is better for broadcasters? [Huffington Post]

Netflix plans new Euro launch in H2 [IPTV News]

EC wades in on Connected TV, cross-border content regulation in new green paper [Tech Crunch]

YouTube remains long-term play [Broadcast]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 15th April

In this week’s digest: viewing of free VoD content has seen a 40% increase in the USA. OTT video revenues have also grown by 60%, driven by growing consumer demand for digital distribution. In other news, 11% of broadband subscribers worldwide now have an IPTV service, and Google discusses the need for a more sophisticated second screen interface.

Viewing of free-on-demand TV content up 40% [Advanced Television]

OTT video revenues up 60% [IPTV News]

IPTV boost from global FTTH, superfast broadband surge [Rapid TV News]

TVs need ‘sophisticated’ second screen interface, says Google exec [Digital TV Europe]

Mobile video views up 300% [Advanced Television]

Viewers ignore second-screen apps [Rapid TV News]

Twitter seeking TV content partnerships [Digital TV Europe]

YouView launch ads banned [Guardian]

OTT expands in Ukraine [Broadband TV News]

The Smart TV Digest – W/C 8th April

This week’s digest features reports that two-thirds of Smart TV owners are now regular app users, and spend more time multitasking through second screen devices overall. Pay-TV continues to grow in Europe, with viewers showing a renewed interest in VOD services. In other news, Microsoft is planning to sell its Mediaroom IPTV platform to Ericsson.

Over two-thirds of Smart TV owners “regular app users” [IPTV News]

TV viewers multitasking, using ‘2nd screens’ more [CBC News]

Pay-TV rides the recession [Broadband TV News]

Microsoft to sell its Mediaroom IPTV platform to Ericsson [RCP Mag]

Smartphones, not tablets, used for most mobile video consumption [Rapid TV News]

Pilot to test 4G TV interference [Broadband TV News]

Almost 50% of online video ads are watched in their entirety [Rapid TV News]

Smart TVs to be even smarter in 2013 [The Australian]

Visiware claims 1,000 TV shows enriched with second-screen technology [Rapid TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 1st April

In this week’s digest: 39% of U.S. adults would consider replacing their cable provider with a streaming media subscription service. 3D Focus reports a quarter of Smart TV owners are regularly using TV apps, Tesco Digital sees video streaming move away from PCs and laptops and the Guardian discusses the growing importance of Social TV.

US adults likely to cut the cord [Broadband TV News]

A quarter of Smart TV owners regularly use TV apps [3D Focus]

Movie streaming swinging to tablets and consoles, says Tesco Digital boss [Digital Spy]

Stand up and be connected: entering the living media era of TV [Guardian]

TV internet access explodes [Broadband TV News]

New kids on the box: how watching TV is moving online [Standard]

Canal+ signs five-year content deal with HBO [Rapid TV News]

Digital TV, movie streaming reaches tipping point [Advanced Television]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 25th March

This week’s digest focuses on the European Parliament’s response to Connected TV growth. In other news, Spotify is planning a major video expansion and the APAC region will add 71 million IPTV subs by 2018. Also, just a week after YouTube confirmed it receives one billion unique users a month, a new report shows UK viewers are watching more online content than ever.

European Parliament proposals on connected television [Inform ITV]

Spotify plans major video expansion [Smart TV Radar]

APAC region to add 71 million IPTV subs by 2018 [IPTV News]

UK watching more online video than ever [Smart TV Radar]

Google, Netflix et al reconfigure the net in bid for global content-market dominance [IPTV News]

Russia to take to OTT [Broadband TV News]

BBC releases open source toolkit for creating Smart TV apps [Recombu]

Intel TV talking to content owners [Advanced Television]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 18th March

In this week’s digest; YouTube now has over one billion monthly users and is hoping to transform the living room experience with the latest version of its TV app. Global IPTV subscribers will exceed 100 million in 2013, LoveFilm is creating more original content to compete with Netflix, while EA looks to connected TV as the next big gaming opportunity.

YouTube surpasses 1 billion users [Broadband TV News]

YouTube looks to transform TV experience [Digital TV Europe]

Global IPTV subs to pass 100mn this year [IPTV News]

Amazon announces more original pilots [Smart TV Radar]

Electronic Arts looks to connected TV [TBiVision]

Viewster scores big with free movies and TV shows [Paid Content]

Gartner: second-screen drives social TV activities [Advanced Television]

Now TV launches pay-as-you-go Sky Sports [Broadband TV News]

AT&T looks to connected entertainment [Broadband TV News]

Dailymotion launches new connected TV app, talks with Yahoo! [Rapid TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 11th March

This week’s digest focuses on news that Smart TV is gaining traction in Italy and Germany. A recent IHS report shows one third of U.S. consumers are interested in purchasing Smart TVs and Vimeo has launched a paid-for on-demand video service. Finally, the Guardian discusses the next phase of Smart TV development and the impact of second screen devices on this platform.

Smart TV taking off in Italy [Advanced Television]

Half of German TVs sold are smart [Broadband TV News]

Smart TVs & 3DTV’s growing consumer appeal [HDTV Test]

Vimeo launches paid-for on-demand service [Digital TV Europe]

Beyond apps: the future of smart TV [The Guardian]

Google launch two 3D channels on IPTV service [3D Focus]

Netflix launches ISP speed index [Digital TV Europe]

Maturing Asian markets to drive IPTV growth [Fierce IPTV]

HD+ expands catch-up TV service [Rapid TV News]

Second screen interaction on the rise [Digital TV Europe]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 4th March

In this week’s digest: a growing number of US consumers are investing in Smart TV technology. Tesco has launched its Clubcard TV service, YouTube for iOS introduces Smart TV pairing and the number of pay TV homes in the Middle East and North Africa will grow to 16 million by 2018.

Growing US interest in Smart and 3D TVs [Advanced Television]

Tesco launches Clubcard TV service [Broadband TV News]

YouTube for iOS adds TV pairing [Trusted Reviews]

Piracy clampdown boosts MEA pay TV revenues [Broadband TV News]

A history of media streaming and the future of connected TV [Guardian]

Intel creates new storage and streaming solution [Smart TV Radar]

Mobile and tablet use drive iPlayer TV above 200 million for first time [Digital TV Europe]

Virgin Media inserts ads into live TV [Smart TV Radar]

Multimedia gains digital subs [Broadband TV News]

Freesat plans new products, highlights benefits of HTML5 [Digital TV Europe]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 25th February

This week’s Smart TV digest heavily features the rising demand for, and the subsequent increase in specific content for, connected TV; with Netflix’s exclusive House of Cards cited by the Guardian as a particular success story.  With the articles below focusing on various countries around the world, UK readers needn’t feel left out, as there are rumours circulating that top TV soap Coronation Street could soon be shown in 3D.

Smart TVs will take more than half of the TV market by 2015 [TBI Vision]

TV Everywhere audiences on the rise [Advanced Television]

Telekom’s IPTV reaches two million subs [Rapid TV News]

BT buys ESPN’s UK and Ireland channels [IP&TV News]

Internet TV commissioning round-up [The Guardian]

Pay-TV in Russia to reach 74% in 2017 [Broadband TV News]

A million smart views for PanoramaTV [Broadband TV News]

Coronation Street may be shot in 3D [Smart TV Radar]

LG buys webOS from HP for Smart TV development [Expert Reviews]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 18th February

 This week’s Smart TV digest features the launch of new smart services for Virgin Media customers. In other news, a new premium channel will broadcast Disney/Pixar movies and a recent report shows that TV is still a popular medium, with viewers watching four hours a day on average.  Finally, Vietnamnet discusses how Smart TV technology can benefit the Vietnamese economy.

Flingo brings Smart TV apps to TiVo set-top boxes [HDTV Test]

Sky and Disney to launch co-branded movie channel [Broadband TV News]

UK viewers watching 4 hours of TV each day [IPTV News]

Smart TV brings opportunities to make money to Vietnamese businesses [Vietnamnet]

The fight for content consumption: Smart TV or alternative? [Here’s How]

 Freeview casts doubt on IPTV [C21 Media]

Local TV in Leeds: November 2013 launch date revealed [Recombu]

BBC 2 HD launching 26 March [Smart TV Radar]

TV firms’ hopes ride on 4K shift to ‘bigger, smarter’ [Japan Times]

Panasonic boss says TV resolution battle is over [Smart TV Radar]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 11th February

This week’s Smart TV digest focuses on Intel’s entry into the internet TV market. IPTV penetration will reach 91% in the Netherlands by 2015, the BBC plans to offer shows exclusively on iPlayer before terrestrial TV, and Tesco is launching its own on-demand TV service for Clubcard members. Finally, ArsTechnica discusses how the remote control is limiting the success of Smart TV.

Intel preparing Internet TV device [Smart TV Radar]

Nine out of ten Dutch homes to take IPTV by 2015 [IPTV News]

BBC to premiere content exclusively on iPlayer before TV [The Inquirer]

Tesco to launch new movie and TV streaming for Clubcard members [CBR]

Smart TVs have a serious communication problem [ArsTechnica]

Microsoft to begin TV production [Smart TV Radar]

The broken promise of smart TVs [Computer Active]

YouTube to roll out on UK TV via Freesat [Connected Digital World]

Comcast takes full control of NBCUniversal in $16.7BN buyout [Rapid TV News]

Google’s cash machine awaits Internet-connected TVs [CNET]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 4th February

In this week’s Smart TV digest: the battle between traditional and internet broadcasters has kicked off with the launch of Netflix’s House of Cards. Macworld discusses whether 2013 will be the year of Smart TV, ABI Research predicts the IPTV market will generate $53 billion in 2018 and Spotify outlines the growing importance of TV as a platform for music delivery.

Smart TV comes of age as internet players start commissioning [The Guardian]

Could 2013 be the year of the Smart TV? [Macworld]

IPTV to generate $53bn in 2018 [IPTV News]

Spotify: “People love using the TV to play music” [IPTV News]

Scottish broadcaster STV to monetize content on YouView [IPTV News]

Ofcom finds space for new HD DTT [Broadband TV News]

Sky to broadcast live Formula 1 in 3D [Smart TV Radar]

Brazil to have 3.9 million IPTV subscribers by 2017 [Telecompaper]

Amazon creating own children’s TV shows [Smart TV Radar]

Super Bowl XLVII smashes viewership records on TV and online [Rapid TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 28th January

This week’s Smart TV digest looks at how two thirds of UK channels could switch from broadcast to over-the-top delivery within 5 years. YouTube is launching new channels that will require a fee to watch, 4K TV could be broadcast in Japan as early as July 2014 and 20% of Dutch TVs are now connected to the internet.

Two thirds of UK channels could switch to OTT, says report [Digital TV Europe]

YouTube launching paid channels [Smart TV Radar]

4K TV Broadcast in Japan could start in July 2014 [Good 3D TV]

20% of Dutch TVs are connected [Broadband TV News]

Sony reaches for the Sky in multi-year movie deal [Rapid TV News]

BBC Natural History unit puts Meerkats in 4K [Broadband TV News]

KartinaTV and Comigo deliver smart TV to the Russian diaspora [IPTV News]

MediaCorp selects Tvinci for OTT [Broadband TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 21th January

In this week’s Smart TV digest: Wired discusses the benefits of uWand technology, featuring a video shot at CES. In other news, 22% of connected TV owners have migrated from using OTT services on their computers to watching via their TVs instead. TV Everywhere is reshaping the pay-TV content protection market and the Guardian reports on how TV advertising is getting smart.

The Philips uWand is all I want in a Smart TV remote control [Wired]

US Netflix users moving to connected TV [TBI Vision]

TV Everywhere reshaping the pay-TV content protection market [IPTV News]

DLD 2013: TV advertising to get smart [Guardian]

3net secures 3D on Xfinity [Advanced Television]

Talk Talk slapped over ‘free’ YouView ad [Smart TV Radar]

Sky launches Sky Go Extra for on-the-move viewing [Smart TV Radar]

Smart TVs get free movie streaming from Crackle [World TV PC]

Netflix grows to over 33m subscribers [Broadband TV News]

UK OTT fever rises as blinkbox inks StudioCanal content deal [Rapid TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 14th January

In this week’s Smart TV digest: Blockbuster UK has gone bust after failing to meet the challenges posed by digital distribution. In other news, Netflix is planning to offer 3D content to subscribers, Eutelsat has launched Europe’s first Ultra HD channel and TDG Research reports that broadband-enabled households continue to avoid using pay-TV services.

Blockbuster UK goes bust [IPTV News]

Netflix is to offer 3D and HD content to subscribers [Smart TV Radar]

Eutelsat launches Europe’s first Ultra HD channel [Smart TV Radar]

Broadband-enabled households continue to eschew pay-TV [Broadcast Engineering]

85% of all TVs sold within four years’ time will be Smart TVs [Tech Central]

BT’s currently trialling a complete revamp of its Vision TV service, moulding it into IPTV [Gizmodo]

Twitter is winning the Social TV betting war [Intergamer Online]

German local broadcasters go for HbbTV [Rapid TV News]

TOT rolls out IPTV service [Bangkok Post]

LoveFilm streaming adds NBC Universal TV content [Trusted Reviews]


The Smart TV Digest: CES Edition – W/C 7th January

This week’s Smart TV digest includes the latest industry news direct from CES. Connecting the living room has been one of the key themes of this year’s event, alongside the future of high definition TV. Manufacturers have also announced steps to improve the user experience, starting with the UI.

At CES: TV Connect reports that consumption of on-demand content has seen colossal growth, while Brand Channel explores the explosion of internet TV services in 2013. Also, The Verge discusses whether there’s a need for 3D TV in the future.

In other news, the Smart TV Alliance has gained new members, Google’s announced plans for a new generation of Smart TV gaming and Flingo’s cross-platform Samba app hopes to blur the divide between first and second screen viewing.

TV Connect @ CES: “Consumption of on-demand content has seen colossal growth”
[IPTV News]

CES 2013 Watch: It’s a web, web, web, Web TV world [Brand Channel]

It’s official: 3D is dead [The Verge]

Smart TV Alliance gets new members, announces new SDK features [Tech 2]

Google TV getting Ubitus support, promising ‘console and MMO’ quality gaming [Engadget]

Flingo Samba blurs line between first and second screen viewing [Smart TV Radar]

Accedo launches new TV Everywhere solution [Rapid TV News]

Google TV adds device and content partners [IPTV News]

CES 2013: Samsung simplifies its smart TV experience [BBC]

Panasonic pins hopes on smart TV enhancements [TechRadar]

Nvidia Grid bringing next generation cloud gaming to LG Smart TV [Smart TV Radar]

Polish pay-TV in flux [Broadband TV News]

CES 2013: TV companies hope size and sharpness are the future [Guardian]

CES Highlight #1: Smart TVs [Forbes]

Are consumers ready for television watching back? [The Age]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 31st December

This week’s Smart TV digest looks at Intel’s push into Web TV. Smart TV technology gains acceptance in Germany, Slovakia becomes the latest country to transition to digital broadcasting and Read Write discusses five ways TV will evolve in 2013.

Intel to launch Internet TV service at CES 2013 [IT Pro Portal]

Smart TVs gains acceptance in Germany [Digital TV Europe]

Slovakia goes digital [Broadband TV News]

5 ways TV will evolve in 2013 [Read Write]

Foxconn testing Apple TVs? [Smart TV Radar]

Social TV makes chatter matter more [Rapid TV News]

For TV Streaming, Smart TVs take centre stage [FinChannel]

Brit parents launch own kids channel [Catholic]

Social Media for TV needs to be designed specifically for TV [Streaming Media]

Good Line adds new IPTV content for customers [Telecompaper]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 17th December

In this week’s digest: 85% of TVs manufactured in 2016 are expected to be Smart TVs. Young buyers in Africa are increasingly adopting Smart TVs, France is leading the world in IPTV take-up and OpenTV has sued Netflix for patent infringement. Finally, a recent survey suggests the increased adoption of Connected TVs will lead to new advertising insights.

Smart TV penetration rate to reach 85% in 2016 [HDTV Test]

Young buyers rush for smart TVs ahead of digital switch over [Business Daily Africa]

Why France leads the IPTV world – but isn’t winning the race [Paid Content]

Interactive TV company sues Netflix over patents [Chicago Tribune]

Survey: Connected TV expands advertising [Advanced Television]

Samsung: Smart TV security hole is so minor we’ll fix it immediately [The Register]

Interactive viewing triggers targeted for summer adoption [TV Technology]

KT’s IPTV base nearing 4 mln [Telecompaper]

Rising HD, IPTV to drive global pay-TV market to 907MN subs in 2013 [Rapid TV News]

Nielsen to use Twitter to help TV ratings [Smart TV Radar]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 10th December

This week’s Smart TV digest features Ofcom’s latest report, indicating the UK is leading the world in the adoption of TV technology. In other news, German internet TV use has risen significantly and Digital TV Labs has been tasked with developing test standards for IPTV. Finally, Digital Trends explains how the future of TV content delivery lies with the internet.

UK consumers lead world in take-up of latest TV technology [Rapid TV News]

German internet TV universe grows, mobile use on the rise [Digital TV Europe]

Digital TV Labs tasked with developing IPTV test standards [Fierce IPTV]

The future of TV content delivery is the Internet [Digital Trends]

How TV could be transformed in 2013 [Fast Company]

Invitel expands broadband, IPTV services to Veszprem [Telecompaper]

BBC eyes bigger Polish role [Broadband TV News]

2013 to be the year of services as pay-TV growth slows [Rapid TV News]

BT cancels Pace YouView deal [Digital TV Europe]

Netflix: We love Google Fiber! [IPTV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 3rd December

In this week’s Smart TV digest: the global IPTV subscriber base has surpassed 65 million, with Asia predicted as the biggest future growth market. Synacor and Zynga plan to introduce a premium pay-TV gaming currency and the BBC has revamped its red button service for the future of connected TV. Finally, Telecoms Tech News looks at how the Smart TV experience will evolve in 2013.

Global IPTV subs surpass 65m [Advanced Television]

Synacor, Zynga team up to enable premium pay-TV gaming currency [Rapid TV News]

BBC revamps Red Button for connected TV future [Digital Spy]

How will the Smart TV experience evolve in 2013? [Telecoms Tech News]

BT improves IPTV customer experience [IPTV News]

No real-time 4K broadcasts for at least 2 years [Smart TV Radar]

RTL to block Google TV access [Broadband TV News]

Majority of US multichannel homes have a DVR [IPTV News]

iiNet multicasting IPTV over the NBN [TechRadar]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 26th November

This week, the internet has been discussing the future of Smart TV and the benefits this technology can bring. In other news, iPlayer usage is up 25% on Smart TVs, YouView has been hit with a trademark dispute and Buzz Feed looks at how social media is influencing broadcast TV.

Study reveals that Connected TVs are ready for prime time [Mediatel]

iPlayer usage up 25% on Smart TVs as BBC posts record-breaking stats [HDTV Test]

YouView hit with trademark dispute [Smart TV Radar]

How Twitter is taking over live TV [Buzz Feed]

CEA Researcher: growth in tablet market could make TVs the second screen [Hollywood Reporter]

Smart TV sales to hit 220 million by 2017 [Digital TV Europe]

IPTV roll-out obstacle as fibre fails to light up in mass numbers across Europe [Rapid TV News]

Anarchy in the UK as consumers flock to OTT video [IPTV News]

Discovery to acquire Dubai-based Takhayal [Broadband TV News]

OKI, HTB begin IPTV video distribution experiment [Rapid TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 19th November

This week’s Smart TV digest looks at the increased adoption of OTT video services in Europe and how mobile network growth will impact TV signal in the UK. In other news, the Irish Times considers potential Smart TV benefits for the food industry, BitTorrent has reached a deal to bring additional internet content to the living room and pay-TV continues to dominate the US market.

UK leads in Europe for adoption of OTT video and multiscreen TV [IPTV News]

4G network growth means TV retune [Smart TV Radar]

Smart TV can be meal ticket for Irish food firms [Irish Times]

BitTorrent connects to 20 smart TVs [Broadband TV News]

Pay-TV “continues to dominate” in US [IPTV News]

GetGlue bought by Viggle for over US$75mn [IPTV News]

LOVEFiLM secures Atlas movie package [Rapid TV News]

Google go OnLive with connected gaming and fiber launches [World TV PC]

Go Go Content: Amazon’s LoveFilm Adds 2,000 Children’s Shows [TechCrunch]

Dutch digital TV homes up to 6.3m [Broadband TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 12th November

In this week’s Smart TV digest: 55% of people in the UK have connected their TVs to the internet. Google TV is launching in Europe, Smart TV is changing viewer perception of advertising and Microsoft is taking the lead on IPTV. Also, Latin American markets have seen a rise in Smart TV adoption, with Brazil selling 4 million internet-enabled TVs in 2012.

UK Smart TV sales to hit £2.5bn [Advanced-Television]

Google TV Comes to France, Germany and U.K. [WSJ]

Smart TVs change view of advertising [Broadband TV News]

Microsoft takes IPTV leadership in MRG survey [Rapid TV News]

Brazil to sell 4 million Connected TVs in 2012 [Telecompaper]

With new channel investments, YouTube becomes even more like TV [GigaOM]

Latin America’s low-income homes enter pay-TV’s crosshairs [IPTV News]

Samoan PM to mischief-makers: IPTV is here! [IPTV News]

YouView could be forced to change name [IB Times]

Google Fiber offers super-fast broadband to Kansas City [BBC]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 5th November

This week’s Smart TV digest features reports that internet-enabled TV sales are expected to grow significantly next year. In other news, Korean IPTV subscriptions have hit 6 million and Yahoo has partnered with Samsung to deliver additional real-time content, entertainment and advertising opportunities. Finally, Venture Beat discusses how social media will impact the future of broadcast television.

Smart TV and 3D TV sales expected to grow next year [Digital TV Europe]

Korean IPTV subs to hit 6mn this week [IPTV News]

Samsung signs multi-year Smart TV partnership with Yahoo [IPTV News]

What real social TV will look like [Venture Beat]

BSkyB bags Universal movie rights [Smart TV Radar]

BT passes 750,000 IPTV subscriber mark [Fierce IPTV]

OTT rental revenue to surpass pay TV [Broadband TV News]

Australian IPTV’s Fetch TV looks To expand by snagging U.S. & UK channels [Deadline]

Nearly 600 million connected TV sets by 2017 [Digital TV News]

EA launches board games on Samsung Smart TV [VG247]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 29th October

In the Smart TV digest this week: 20% of consumers say online video is a suitable replacement for live TV, while Channel 4 has signed a deal with SecondSync for social TV analytics. Domino’s has joined the VOD market, Foxconn is setting up a new Smart TV plant in China and Chile’s Movistar network is preparing to deliver IPTV over fibre.

Smart TV Sales, Over-the-Top Use Grow; Buoyed by Game Consoles & Social Media [Media Post]

Channel 4 signs deal with social TV startup SecondSync [Channel 4]

Lionsgate strikes UK VOD deal with pizza firm Domino’s [Screen Daily]

Foxconn adds smart TV plant in Chongqing [Morning Whistle]

Chile’s Movistar ready to deliver IPTV over fibre [IPTV News]

Tablet screens offer portable high-definition television [Inform ITV]

Freesat kicks off ad campaign for new smart TV guide [IPTV News]

Record number of online videos viewed in US in September 2012 [Rapid TV News]

Make no mistake, Twitter is in the social TV business [Lost Remote]

Social TV and second-screen viewing: the stats in 2012 [Guardian]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 22nd October

This week’s smart TV digest look at how VOD users are voicing their frustrations about linear TV services. TiVo now represent 30% of Virgin Media’s TV customer base and although smart TV shipments have grown 15% worldwide, North America is lagging behind. Also, Advanced Television reports that users are increasingly adopting a number of multi-screen devices to access on-demand content.

UK VOD users rail against ‘rigid’ linear TV [Rapid TV News]

Tivo hits 30% of Virgin homes [Broadcast]

Smart TV shipments increasing by 15% but NA lags behind [Telecoms Tech News]

A multi-screen future for on-demand TV [Advanced Television]

Four in ten use Social TV apps [Broadband TV News]

Over 15mn new IPTV subs added since June 2011 [IPTV News]

Final analogue switch off concludes five year digital switchover [Smart TV Radar]

Canal Digital: “Smart TV apps are not currently adding value to the TV experience” [IPTV News]

Adobe: TV ads one of the most effective forms of advertising [Rapid TV News]

Sky D launches kids portal on Sky Go [Broadband TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 15th October

This week the internet has been discussing Felix Baumgartner’s space jump, which shattered YouTube’s previous consecutive streaming record. In other news, video apps dominate Smart TV usage, Netflix has launched in Scandinavia and the Smart TV market is expected to grow 15% worldwide by the end of 2012.

Record-breaking skydive takes online video streaming into another dimension [IPTV News]

Video apps dominate for Smart TV usage [Streaming Media]

Netflix launches in Scandinavia, takes first pay TV rights with Warner Bros [Digital TV Europe]

Smart TV shipments grow 15% worldwide in 2012, according to DisplaySearch [Digi Times]

Xstream delivers white label smart TV apps [Rapid TV News]

Samsung first to add Spotify to Smart TV [World TV PC]

Sky Movies secures exclusive Harry Potter rights [Advanced Television]

BSkyB begins 4K trials [Smart TV Radar]

Boxee ‘pleased’ with FCC’s new cable encryption rules [Venture Beat]

Panasonic to exit TV market, hopes to build LCD panels for Apple’s iPad [Apple Insider]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 8th October

In the Smart TV digest this week: PlayJam introduces Adobe AIR access to Smart TVs and Google TV looks set to receive a range of additional content. YouTube is investing money in new channels, recent reports suggest UK broadcasters are not capitalising on second screen devices, and 3D TV audiences may be smaller than first thought.

PlayJam providing access to Adobe-enabled devices [Digital TV Europe]

Google Play Movies, TV shows and music are launching on Google TV [The Next Web]

YouTube, Which Wants More TV Dollars, Pays Up for More “Channels” [All Things Digital]

Broadcasters not capitalising on rise of second screen [Advanced Television]

3D TV audiences may be too small to measure [Smart TV Radar]

Starz launches TV Everywhere service [Rapid TV News]

Serbia Broadband outlines multiscreen strategy [Broadband TV News]

YouView design: Channel 4′s portal required some new ways of thinking around TV [The Next Web]

China Telecom, China Unicom to purchase 6.2M IPTV terminals [Rapid TV News]

Korea’s LG adds cloud gaming for IPTV subs [IPTV News]

UK ready to complete digital switchover [Broadband TV News]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 1st October

This week’s Smart TV digest features reports that internet-enabled TVs are becoming increasingly important to US consumers. PlayJam has announced a deal with Marmalade to provide additional features for native TV games, Accenture has bought Nokia Siemens’ IPTV assets and India’s Hungama streaming service is expanding to the Middle East.

Role of connected TVs to access streamed video grows among U.S. consumers
[Broadcast Engineering]

PlayJam cuts deal with Marmalade for native games on TV [App Market]

Accenture acquires Nokia Siemens’ IPTV assets to boost video capabilities [CBR Online]

Indian online video service Hungama heads to the Middle East [IPTV News]

Connected TV to give TV manufacturers a lifeline [Rapid TV News]

TalkTalk launches YouView offer [Broadband TV News]

Sony joins 4K TV league in Asia [CNET Asia]

Telenet to invest €30m in productions [Broadband TV News]

Sweden’s Viaplay picks Envivio to power OTT video service [IPTV News]

Smart TVs help TV overtake PC for online video viewing [HD TV Test]

Netflix Launches Just For Kids Experience for iPad App [PC Mag]

How to build a smarter smart TV: understand the viewer [Ad Age]

The Smart TV Digest – W/C 24th September

In this week’s Smart TV digest: cable companies in America are still the first choice for VOD orders, Nvidia has suggested that the next generation of games consoles may be the last and Smart TV connection rates are nearing 70% in Western Europe.

Cablecos generating almost half of all paid VOD orders [IPTV News]

Next generation of games consoles will be the last says Nvidia boss [Smart TV Radar]

Rovi Says Smart TV Connection Rates Nearing 70% in Western Europe [Beet TV]

BT Infinity customers get free YouView box worth £260 [Digital Choices]

Verizon to pay TiVo US$250m [C21 Media]

Streaming costs may price out OTT services [Media Post]

Octoshape, NetRange unveil ‘triple’ OTT [Rapid TV News]

Sony Google TV lets everyone have a Smart TV [Tech Trader]

Apple TV adds multiple account support  [Smart TV Radar]

Over 70 percent of TVs sold in Singapore are LED models [CNET]

Finally a TV ad that encourages hand gestures: Brainient taps Kinect for interactive TV ads [Tech Crunch]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 17th September

In the Smart TV digest this week: O2 plans to deliver IPTV over wireless broadband and Smart TV will play a huge role in the future of broadcasting. The Guardian looks at why Connected TV needs a market leader, DVB seeks to standardise the ‘second screen’ experience and Tesco plans to launch new 3D TV technology to make shopping easier.

O2 Wireless to deliver IPTV over wireless broadband in South America [Rapid TV News]

Smart TV will play a huge part in future of broadcast [Broadcast]

Why connected TV needs a market leader [The Guardian]

DVB seeks to standardise the ‘Second screen’ [Smart TV Radar]

Tesco to let shoppers browse virtual 3D stores via smart TVs [Marketing Australia]

Smart TVs to dominate Romanian market [Advanced Television]

BBC readies connected red button rollout [Broadcast]

Study says online ad length, not screen size, matters most to consumers [Fierce Online]

Nintendo TVii for Wii U smart TV revealed [Slash Gear]

OTT providers must face up to network costs [Broadband TV News]

Vietnam to see online TV boom [Vietnam Net Bridge]

Spain gives green light to HbbTV standard [Advanced Television]


Bumper Edition: IBC Roundup – W/C 10th September

IBC 2012 was bursting at the seams with a wide variety of news and announcements for Smart TV. As a result, this special edition of our regular Smart TV digest will focus specifically on those stories that emerged during the event.

At this year’s IBC: YouView revealed plans to produce a second screen app and the future of 4K was revealed. TiVo announced the launch of a streaming service for the iPad, while Deloitte reported that the growth of connected TVs will soon allow broadcasters to expand globally.

YouView weighing second screen features [Smart TV Radar]

The future of 4K revealed [Advanced Television]

Smart TVs to spark rights bidding wars [Broadcast]

IBC displays the screens of tomorrow [Broadband TV News]

TiVo launches streaming for the iPad [Rapid TV News]

Ericsson shows TV is a new game with new consumer insight and multi-screen solutions [Advanced Television]

Who is challenging who in connected TV [Broadband TV News]

Motorola launches 10 new set-top boxes at IBC 2012 [Engadget]

Latest OpenTV using HTML5 [Broadband TV News]

Accedo, NDS Partner to deliver STB apps [Rapid TV News]

EchoStar Goes Hybrid with Android DVB, IP STB [Rapid TV News]

Applicaster on apps for babies and future TV consumption [The Next Web]

Playcast Media brings cloud gaming To IBC [Advanced Television]

Broadcom to integrate DivX Plus Streaming into IPTV platforms [Fierce IPTV]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 27th August

In the Smart TV Digest this week: Opera plans to bring its Smart TV platform to set-top boxes, IPTV operators are looking to exploit multiscreen in the US and Connected TV is reportedly growing at “breakneck pace”. Also, according to recent research, UK viewers will see a trillion TV ads during 2012.

Opera nets deal with Dune to bring its Smart TV platform to more set-top boxes [TheNextWeb]

US IPTV operators want to exploit multiscreen [Broadband TV News]

Connected TV grows at “breakneck pace” [Rapid TV News]

Deloitte: UK viewers to see a trillion TV ads this year [IPTV News]

Sainsburys to offer video streaming service [Smart TV Radar]

LG launching Smart TV game portal, big-name games on the way [The Verge]

AT&T AdWorks to bring TV, mobile data to online ad targeting [eConsultancy]

DISH enhances its international IPTV services [Benzinga]

Ocilion stocks up VOD line-up [Rapid TV News]

YouView: 140 content providers interested in joining [Seen It]

Connected TV users prefer ad-supported over subscription [Home Media Magazine]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 20th August

This week’s Smart TV Digest includes the launch of Belgacom’s TV Everywhere service. Plus a recent study found that 30% of homes connected to the internet now watch Connected TVs. Netflix has secured one million members since launching in the UK seven months ago while our ‘second screen’ social habits are creating problems for broadcaster revenues.

Belgacom launches nationwide TV Everywhere [Broadband TV News]

Connected TVs in 30% of Internet Homes [Broadcasting Cable]

Netflix scores one million members [Broadband TV News]

‘Second screen’ social media threaten broadcasters’ revenue [Telegraph]

3D tech gives TV a new dimension [Business Standard]

OnLive survives bankruptcy scare [IPTV News]

Dixons VoD service gets smart [C21 Media]

GOtv cuts prices to ward off competition [The Star]

DreamWorks Animation signs 5-year distribution deal with Fox [Coming Soon]

Connected TV is strong for streaming video ads says Yume survey [Streaming Media]

HbbTV standard moves forward [Rapid TV News]

New UK social gaming start-up Playdemic secures major investment [IT News Online]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 13th August

In this week’s Smart TV Digest: Google’s revealed the content line-up for its Fiber TV service and Now TV has made an appearance on YouView. In other news, spending on Smart TV gaming is due to hit $1.6 billion by 2016, while the Telegraph reflects on the success of internet-enabled devices during the London Olympics.

Google offers three premium content packages for Fiber TV [IPTV News]

Now TV makes YouView debut [Broadband TV News]

Smart TV gaming spending to hit $1.6 billion by 2016 [Smart TV Radar]

Tablets, apps and red buttons: the other success stories of Games [Telegraph]

Smart TVs: making offline as measurable as online? [Wall Blog]

AOL Upgrades and Rebrands Smart TV App, Adds TiVo Support [Streaming Media]

HBO and Tesco’s BlinkBox cut deal [App Market]

Ensuring end-to-end quality for IPTV [IPTV News]

GoPro becomes Tremor Video’s first four-screen advertiser [Virtual Strategy]

Singapore scientists aim to extend TV with cloud [Rapid TV News]

Apple Wins Major Apple TV Patent Relating to Cable TV [Patently Apple]

Netflix to enter sophisticated, competitive market with Scandinavia launch [Hollywood Reporter]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 6th August

This week’s Smart TV Digest features Microsoft’s new online TV venture and news that app developers are to offer content recommendations based on your social network activity. Additionally, the BBC’s Olympics coverage has served 17 million via its multiscreen service, Smart TVs are proving popular as the TV war looms, plus Technology Spectator considers whether TV will survive the online revolution.

Microsoft, PPTV form strategic alliance to deliver cloud-based online TV [Rapid TV News]

The end of channel surfing? [WSJ]

BBC Olympics breaks multiscreen record [Smart TV Radar]

Smart TVs Popular As Big TV War Looms[SmartHouse]

Will TV survive the online revolution? [Technology Spectator]

Multi-tasking in full HD [Business Today]

Internet TV: the future of branded entertainment [Product Placement News]

C4 online viewers edge to 5m [Broadcast]

IHS: average TV prices rose in the second quarter [Twice]

Google licenses Rovi interface for Fiber TV [IPTV News]

Joining the stream of IPTV promises to cut cable and costs [The Australian]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 30th July

In this week’s Smart TV Digest: LG brings 3D gaming to Smart TVs, Germany is planning to track IPTV consumption, plus online TV subscriptions are on the rise in Australia. The UK House of Lords has suggested all TV should be broadcast via the internet and Google is trialling its fiber network, capable of providing the infrastructure for high speed streaming in the near future.

LG brings game apps to Cinema 3D Smart TVs [SlashGear]

German TV ratings to track IPTV [Rapid TV News]

Online TV subs to drive Oz media growth [Rapid TV News]

TV should switch to internet, peers suggest [Guardian]

Google Fiber Kansas City officially unveiled [NVO News]

Connect TV surpasses Freeview channel count [Advanced Television]

Analysts call foul on Olympics scapegoating by Netflix [IPTV News]

Lovefilm sign Miramax distribution deal [Digital TV Group]

NanoTech launches online TV division [Rapid TV News]

Samsung welcomes Ramadan by introducing Islamic applications for Smart TV users [AME Info]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 23rd July

In the Smart TV Digest this week: YouView plans to track your viewing habits and Virgin Media’s TiVo service now has one million customers. Across the pond, a recent Harris poll has revealed that streaming services are the most popular applications for smart TV users, while Samsung has launched a Smart TV lounge in a Dubai mall.

Big Alan is watching you… on YouView [Independent]

Virgin Media reaches TiVo landmark [Men Media]

Netflix, YouTube are must have Apps for Smart TV [Advanced Television]

Samsung launches ‘Smart TV Lounge’ in Dubai Mall [AME Info]

Amazon chooses London for smartphone, tablet and smart TV development centre
[IB Times]

Battle hots up to control living room TV [Financial Times]

Fear of A slick Apple TV has Smart TV manufacturers forming alliances [Channel News]

Amazon Prime secure Warner Bros Online TV show deal [World TV PC]

Western Digital launching ‘casual gaming’ set top box [Smart TV Radar]

Smart TV plays catch-up for online viewing vs connected TV boxes, consoles and PCs [Recombu]


The Smart TV Digest – W/C 16th July

This week’s Smart TV Digest includes the launch of Sky’s “Now TV”, a new service intended to compete with the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm. In other news; smart TV makers boycott adult apps, ‘turfing’ is set to take off with the London Olympics and, according to the latest analyst research, more than 50% of smart TVs in the US are now connected to the internet.

Now TV: Sky takes on Netflix and LoveFilm[Telegraph UK]

Smart TV makers boycott adult apps [Broadband TV News]

Smart TV ‘turfing’ the next wave of online interaction [CBR Online]

Over half of US smart TV owners now hooking up their set [IPTV News]

Multiscreen to overtake set top delivery in 2015 [Broadcast Engineering]

Xbox 720 to replace smart TVs, says Pachter [VideoGamer]

Advertising not keeping up with IP video consumption [Rapid TV News]

Commercial TV ads to dip during the games [Financial Times]

Apple TV would feature a Retina display [Tweak Town]

TiVo buys TV advertising behaviour firm [Broadband TV News]

TV still the main screen in UK [C21 Media]

The future of TV is two screens, one held firmly in your hands [Fast Company]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 9th July

In this week’s Smart TV Digest; QuickPlay secures $100m investment, Intellect launches a HbbTV trial stream and Sky contributes over £5bn to the UK economy. In other news, concerns have arisen over security measures for Smart TVs and BBC iPlayer’s Daniel Danker discusses how the TV UI needs to go back to basics.

QuickPlay secures US$100 million investment [Digital TV Europe]

Intellect launches UK trial HbbTV spec [Broadband and TV News]

Sky contributes £5.4bn to the UK economy, says report [Digital Spy]

Smart TVs new Web threat frontier [ZDNet]

Daniel Danker speaks to Broadband TV News [Broadband TV News]

Smart TV will ‘revolutionise’ home entertainment [Develop-Online]

Virgin Media resurrects Teletext [Digital Choices]

On-demand and Connected TV share of market to grow [Digital TV Europe]

Twitter-integrated traffic reporting debuts in local broadcasts [Rapid TV News]

YouTube to roll out premium channels in Europe, starting with France [TheNextWeb]

Itsmy unveils HTML5 gaming service for STBs, smart TVs [Telecompaper]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 2nd July

The Smart TV Digest this week features BBC’s new designs for the red button, reports of a 61% growth in live TV piracy and claims that the number of homes with digital TVs will double by 2017. Recombu discusses the implications associated with Google moving into the Smart TV market, while 4RFV questions why connected TVs are taking so long to enter the mainstream.

BBC using red button to ‘reinvent experience of the screen’ [Tech Radar]

61% growth in Live TV [Broadband TV News]

Global digital TV homes to “double in five years” [Digital TV Europe]

Google TV and Nexus Q: What this means for Smart TV [Recombu]

Connected TV – What’s the hold up? [4rfv]

Samsung adopts Windows Azure for Smart TV cloud structures [ZDNet]

TiVo upgrades in Spain [Broadband TV News]

Boxee brings Comcast to the negotiation table [Broadband TV News]

LED, WebTV gaining ground in Malaysia [TechWire Asia]

Smart TV says: Connected TVs to offer advertisers a “very powerful capability” [SF Gate]

Espial names Smart TV chief [Broadband TV News]

YouView launches with more questions than answers []

Sony Buys A Cloud Gaming Service [Kotaku Australia]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 25th June

In this week’s Smart TV Digest; Google joins the Smart TV battle, Toshiba turns the tables on 3D TVs and Sweden’s Com Hem becomes the first IPTV provider to adopt TiVo technology. Additionally, Sony joins forces with Panasonic to manufacture TV panels, whilst YouView will no longer be ready in time for the Olympics.

Google TV service launches in the UK with Sony tie-up [BBC News]

Toshiba turns tables on 3D for 2012 TVs [PC World Australia]

Sweden’s Com Hem becomes first IPTV provider to deploy TiVo technology [IPTV News]

YouView IPTV service won’t launch in time for Olympics, BBC Director-General says [Fierce IPTV]

Sony and Panasonic announce TV panel tie-up [BBC News]

Espial wins Sharp Smart TV browser spot [Cable 360]

UPC Direct inks Samsung deal [Broadband TV news]

Asian operators look to find their own way over-the-top [Broadband TV News]

Mobile devices take the TV viewing strain at the expense of PC [World TV PC]

Sony: consumers ready for the “next step” in Smart TVs [Tech Radar]

Satellite and IPTV operators poised to take over pay-TV market, says Infonetics
[IPTV News]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 18th June

This week’s Smart TV Digest looks at the Smart TV alliance between Philips and LG.  HD Guru discusses the future of 3D TVs and China Telecom signs a deal with Ubitus to deliver casual games to its Smart TV customers.

Smart TV Alliance assembles to create apps that work across many TVs [TechRadar]

What the future of 3D TV could be [HD Guru 3D]

China Telecom deal to bring cloud gaming to Smart TVs [TechinAsia]

On-demand apps still dominate connected TVs [econsultancy]

Connected TVs growing rapidly in the US [Broadband and TV news]

TV networks try to connect with young, tech-savvy multitaskers [LA Times]

Cloud covers Netflix resiliency and reliability issues [Rapid TV News]

Sony Homestream streams media files to your TV, tablet and phone [Recombu]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 11th June

In this week’s Smart TV Digest; A quarter of TVs shipped in Q1 2012 were connected TVs according to DisplaySearch, Intel fights to get virtual TV service off the ground, TheNextWeb discusses the importance of a communal experience in relation to Smart TVs and, according to Forbes, Apple TV may fundamentally change the way we consume content.

More than a quarter of TVs shipped in 2012 have connected capability [Rapid TV News]

Intel’s plans for virtual TV come into focus [Business Standard]

The big challenge for apps making the leap to TV [TheNextWeb]

Apple TV will change the content we consume on all our screens forever [Forbes]

BT Vision boosts linear line-up [Digital TV Europe]

Football pushes Dutch smart TV sales [Broadband and TV news]

Simplifying the future of Smart TV [Cable 360]

Philips smart TV app aims to enhance existing Euro 2012, London Olympics coverage [IT Pro Portal]

Samsung partners with Istikana to launch VoD service for Smart TV users [AME info]

BBC Sport app on Panasonic TVs for Olympics and Wimbledon [Recombu]

AUPEO! tunes in to Inview [Advanced-Television]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 04th June

In this week’s digest; Gaming on Smart TVs gains traction as Samsung signs up with Gaikai and LG signs up with OnLive. While new research from Strategy Analytics reports Smart TV user frustration due to slow user interfaces.

New apps for Philips Smart TV [Broadband TV News]

IKEA TV Prompts Viewers To Buy Products With Remote Control [Huffington Post]

Slow response, complex procedures lead to calls for smart TVs to smarten up act [Rapid TV News]

Cloud gaming reaches Samsung smart TVs [Broadband TV News]

New Xbox SmartGlass Turns a TV into a Smart TV [SmartHouse]

Smart TV may be too smart to win over consumers [Rapid TV News]

OnLive coming to LG smart TV [TechWatch]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 28th May

This week the rumour mill has been filled with stories that Apple has placed an ordered with Foxconn to start production on its iTV product. PlayJam has hired Criterion’s Adam Billyard as CTO of its Smart TV platform and could the long awaited YouView service could be set to hit UK homes this month, albeit for a trial of the service.

Apple Smart TV Getting Ready For Prime Time? [Forbes]

Emerging smart TV market may stifle smaller players [CNET Asia]

Canal + Yomvi comes to LG Smart TV [Rapid TV News]

IMAX in your living room: the future of TV [Summit Sun]

TV App Agency: Segmentation is the big challenge for TV app developers [IP&TV News]

Criterion co-founder Adam Billyard joins PlayJam [VG247]

YouView internet TV finally reaches homes [Daily Telegraph]

Toshiba launches 3D smart-TV  [The Hindu]

The time is right for Amazon to ‘do a Kindle’ on the TV industry with its own set-top box [The Next Web]

Net-Connected TV Grows Ad Impressions [MediaPost]

Comcast Reveal New Project Dayview Smart TV System [World TV PC]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 21st May

This week’s Smart TV Digest picks out the first stories to emerge from Cable Show 2012 and news from Rovi and Nuance about voice control, and statistics about which regions are adopting smart TV the most. We have also included news from India that TV makers are moving away from LCD to LED screens.

Cable Show 2012: Rovi and Nuance give voice to advanced content discovery [Rapid TV News]

3-D isn’t big selling point for HDTV buyers, but smart TVs may get hot [MSNBC Tech]

Global Smart TV Market 2011-2015 [Market Watch Wall Street Journal]

Smart TVs becoming the standard in Germany [Broadband TV News]

Netflix the key as US viewers more connected than Euro smart TV owners [Rapid TV News]

France leads with connected TV use [Digital TV Europe]

Broadband Boom: Changing Entertainment, Changing Behaviors [E-commerce Times]

TV makers to move away from LCDs to LEDs [Times of India]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 14th May

This week’s Smart TV Digest is packed full with the latest announcements and analysis from around the world. In the UK the BBC is launching a Smart TV app as part of its Digital Olympics offering. Chinese IPTV operator, KyLinTV, has launched an app for the Viera Connect Platform in Singapore. And according to a new report, Internet Video is driving Smart TV usage in the US.

Apple to build smart TV with Loewe purchase? [TODAY]

Google: “The most difficult part in building a TV application is the user experience” [IP&TV News]

Smart TV functions for Ikea Uppleva unveiled [CNET Asia]

KDDI Smart TV Box runs Android 4.0 [Android Community]

Samsung delivers the future of Smart TV to the Saudi market [AME Info]

Report: Internet Video Drives Smart TV Usage in the U.S., But Not Europe [Home Media Magazine]

LED & Smart TV Boost Prices of Flat-Panel TVs in USA [HDTVtest]

The idiot box is getting smarter but how far is smart TV [The Hindu Business Line]

ORF launches ‘TVthek’ app for Samsung Smart TV platform [TelecomPaper]

BBC announces ‘Digital Olympics’ plans [The Inquirer]

KyLinTV coming to Panasonic Viera Connect [CNET Asia]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 07th May

This week’s Smart TV Digest includes news of BBC’s advancements into online TV with companion experiences, connected TV shipments to reach 70% and Indonesia Telekom launches Groovia TV.

Smart TVs offer brand engagement uplift [Equi media]

Smart TV ignorance foiling sales of internet-connected screens [Recombu]

BBC seeks perfect companions for connected TV [Rapid TV News]

Connected TV shipments to reach 70% [Broadband TV News]

Dutch Olympic streams connect to smart TVs [Broadband TV News]

Indonesia’s Telkom Launches New Internet-Based TV Service ‘Groovia TV’  [Jakarta Globe]

Creating an Industry Standard [Gamasutra]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 23rd April

This week’s Smart TV Digest includes the following news; 3D Smart TV sales treble profits for LG, The five C’s of connected TV – what are they?, and research by Rovi Corporation reveals consumer reaction to ads on connected TVs.

LG Trebles Quarterly Profit, Helped By 3D Smart TV Sales [HDTV Test]

Connected TV ad trial achieves 22% CTR [Econsultancy]

Developing for TV: Crossing the chasm between screens [Vision Mobile]

Sony denies Netflix app to older Bravia smart TVs [Reghardware]

The five Cs of connected TV [Econsultancy]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 16th April

With NAB in full swing the topic of smart TV and content is again at the top of the news agenda. This week’s Smart TV Digest includes the following news; LG announced a new “premium content” service for its range of Cinema 3D smart TV sets, IKEA entered the TV manufacturing arena and PlayJam partnered with Miniclip to bring games to smart TVs manufactured by the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Western Digital, and Vestel.

LG Launches 3D World On Smart TVs [IT Pro Portal]

IKEA Beats Apple, Google to Smart TV Market [NBC Los Angeles]

Lenovo to enter smart TV business [China Economic Review]

As Sony Struggles, Battle for the Smart TV Heats Up [Yahoo! Finance]

PlayJam partners with Miniclip to bring gaming to Smart TV [VentureBeat]

BBC Sport Smart TV App Lands On Virgin’s TiVo Platform [HDTV Test]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 09th April

In this week’s Smart TV Digest; Flingo plots a Smart TV future, Philips co-subsidiary TP Vision see over 60% of customers use Smart TV functions daily and BBC Sport App comes to Virgin Media TiVo platform

Flingo Founder Plots Smart TV Future [TWICE Online]

‘Cloud is a prerequisite for smart TV’ [The Korea Times]

iPanel: The Name Of Apple’s Smart TV? [IT ProPortal]

CNBC Disputes Euronews’ smart TV claim [Broadband TV News]

New Panasonic TV Range Revealed [SmartHouse]

From Amazon to HBO Go to YouTube: App availability on 2012 TVs compared (big chart) [CNET]

Philips: Smart TV has 60% daily use rate [SlashGear]

BBC Sport Smart TV App Lands on Virgin’s TiVo Platform [HDTV Test]


Smart TV Digest – W/C 2nd April

It’s back! The Smart TV Digest has returned, brining you a round-up of the latest news and analysis on the Smart TV Market, every Friday.

Defining The Television Experience In A Single Word [TechCrunch]

A smart approach to Smart TV [Digital TV Europe]

Samsung UK Adds Curzon on Demand Smart TV App Allowing You to Watch Films on Cinema Release Day [Hidden Wires]

Time Warner Cable Envisions Pandora-Like Personalization For Pay-TV [Forbes]

Google TV UK Release Date Claimed to be September [International Business Times]

Euronews claims smart TV leadership [Broadband TV News]

Connected TV: why the focus should be on being smart [The Guardian]

LG Smart TV Voice Control for Magic Remote coming this month [TechRadar]

Samsung 2012 Smart TVs with voice control shipping now [SlashGear]

In this week’s Smart TV Digest; Google joins the Smart TV battle, Toshiba turns the tables on 3D TVs and Sweden’s Com Hem becomes the first IPTV provider to adopt TiVo technology. Additionally, Sony joins forces with Panasonic to manufacture TV panels, whilst YouView will no longer be ready in time for the Olympics.

Google TV service launches in the UK with Sony tie-up [BBC News]

Toshiba turns tables on 3D for 2012 TVs [PC World Australia]

Sweden’s Com Hem becomes first IPTV provider to deploy TiVo technology [IPTV News]

YouView IPTV service won’t launch in time for Olympics, BBC Director-General says [Fierce IPTV]

Sony and Panasonic announce TV panel tie-up [BBC News]

Espial wins Sharp Smart TV browser spot [Cable 360]

UPC Direct inks Samsung deal [Broadband TV news]

Asian operators look to find their own way over-the-top [Broadband TV News]

Mobile devices take the TV viewing strain at the expense of PC [World TV PC]

Sony: consumers ready for the “next step” in Smart TVs [Tech Radar]

Satellite and IPTV operators poised to take over pay-TV market, says Infonetics
[IPTV News]


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