Meet the uWand team: Navin Natoewal, uWand General Manager

Navin is the General Manager at uWand, responsible for overseeing development and bringing the technology to market.

“Television used to be linear. Now you have an internet connection and there’s much more to search for,” explains Navin. “You need a way to navigate that, which uWand tries to address.”

Navin believes the future of Smart TV will require a better user experience, delivered through a more sophisticated control mechanism than the up-down-left-right method we currently use. Not only for navigating between channels, but also for interacting with the user interface and playing Smart TV games.

Here Navin explains how uWand technology provides this.


About Navin Natoewal, General Manager Philips uWand

Navin Natoewal is General Manager of the Philips uWand team. uWand is a direct pointing and gesture control technology for remote controls. uWand offers fluent 3D gesture control and direct pointing capabilities with the same intuitiveness as a multi-touch screen. uWand, a result of 80 man-years of research and development, can be implemented in remote controls and interact with multiple electronic devices such as PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players and game consoles. Users control the devices simply by pointing in the appropriate direction or making specific movements in all three dimensions. For more information please visit
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