Meet the uWand team – Eric Penning de Vries, systems engineer, pre-development

Eric spends his days finding ways to make uWand’s core technology faster, smaller, more efficient and responsive.

“First you start to think ‘How does our system see the world? How does the world influence our system?’ Next, you think what are the key components of the system, how do they respond to the things they see. On the other side, we have to think what we want to reach is a useful remote that you can point with, and how do you bring those things together in a good way,” he explains.

The strength of Eric’s pre-development research enables Philips to quickly implement the uWand technology into any existing remote control, regardless of hardware design.

Here he explains what pre-development is and the types of challenges he faces.

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About Navin Natoewal, General Manager Philips uWand

Navin Natoewal is General Manager of the Philips uWand team. uWand is a direct pointing and gesture control technology for remote controls. uWand offers fluent 3D gesture control and direct pointing capabilities with the same intuitiveness as a multi-touch screen. uWand, a result of 80 man-years of research and development, can be implemented in remote controls and interact with multiple electronic devices such as PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players and game consoles. Users control the devices simply by pointing in the appropriate direction or making specific movements in all three dimensions. For more information please visit
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