IP&TV World Forum – Here we come

With the digital TV and broadcast environments changing so rapidly, this year’s IP&TV World Forum in London has more of a buzz around it than ever. The event, which starts tomorrow, will see broadcast executives from across the world discussing the exciting opportunities and the challenges set to hit the industry including the impact of OTT on telcos, how to monetize services, content licensing, multiscreen content delivery and the customer experience.

On Tuesday 20th March I will be speaking during a panel titled, ‘Transforming the UI for the future’ where I will be discussing why a new UI is needed and how the new developments will change the UI and EPG. I will also discuss the benefits of a new UI to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty, and the need for centralized metadata.

In a perfect world, gesture, voice and device second screen will all have their place in terms of how we interact with connected TVs. I’ll be championing technologies that fit the relaxed TV experience. The remote control device will definitely continue to play an important role in this scenario, although it will have to be enhanced with new features such as motion and point and click.

You can follow all the action from the show on Twitter so keep an eye on #IPTVWF at @uWandControl over the coming days.


About Navin Natoewal, General Manager Philips uWand

Navin Natoewal is General Manager of the Philips uWand team. uWand is a direct pointing and gesture control technology for remote controls. uWand offers fluent 3D gesture control and direct pointing capabilities with the same intuitiveness as a multi-touch screen. uWand, a result of 80 man-years of research and development, can be implemented in remote controls and interact with multiple electronic devices such as PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players and game consoles. Users control the devices simply by pointing in the appropriate direction or making specific movements in all three dimensions. For more information please visit http://www.uwand.com
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