Touch Gesture Motion 2011

This week I’ll be in Austin, Texas speaking at the annual Touch Gesture Motion conference hosted by IMS. On 8th December, the second day of the event, I’ll be presenting my view of the potential and possibilities for developing a universal interface standard for smart TVs, which will be followed by a panel session discussing ‘The Future of Gesture & Motion Technologies’.

Without giving too much away, I will be examining the basic communication protocols that need to be adopted for human to machine interaction to ensure they are universally understood, as well as asking whether a universal language for multi-device interaction could, or should, be developed: One that could mean the same gesture can be applied to all devices in the living room, including devices beyond the TV.

At Philips we look as much to anthropology and psychology as we do to pure technology research to tackle these challenges. uWand ‘remote touch’ technology is a result of this and addresses the immediate need for much more sophisticated control of next generation TVs, as well as other sectors of the market.

With uWand we are able to maintain the core, recreational, ‘lean back’ experience of traditional broadcast television, and open the door to significant revenue generating opportunities for device manufacturers, service providers, application developers and content owners.

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About Navin Natoewal, General Manager Philips uWand

Navin Natoewal is General Manager of the Philips uWand team. uWand is a direct pointing and gesture control technology for remote controls. uWand offers fluent 3D gesture control and direct pointing capabilities with the same intuitiveness as a multi-touch screen. uWand, a result of 80 man-years of research and development, can be implemented in remote controls and interact with multiple electronic devices such as PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players and game consoles. Users control the devices simply by pointing in the appropriate direction or making specific movements in all three dimensions. For more information please visit
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